Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Been a Long Time

Wow... I haven't checked in in a long while. I've been cleaning and organizing and ran across a photo album from around 1997/98 and in it were pictures of my Godson when he was a few months old... it was one of my favorite pictures - one of them - and I have that one enlarged but packed away. He was so handsome. I love that little boy. I saw pictures of my college friends, merged with my neighborhood friends (all grown up) merged with my high school best friend, merged... merged. I'm very blessed.

There were other pictures... pictures of two of my ex's which by the way were quite cute. I was able to just look at their pictures... and remember a different time. As I continue to get older and look back I can see my life... my memories. Regret is such a word... I don't know if I live with regrets because though nothing was perfect and I didn't behave "perfectly" and neither was I perfect... I wasn't supposed to be... I was me. Living every moment. Loving some of them and hating others but they are my memories... it was my life. I thank God for my life; past present & future. Life continues... I continue to make memories and 10 or so years from now I'll look back on the pictures from this time and cherish those memories.

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