Thursday, June 15, 2006

So Thankful

Another long boring week in soon to be X-workland is almost coming to a close... I can hardly wait... I won't miss the paychecks though!

So here is a little random ramble...

I received a wonderful report from my doctors.. all tests came back in range, normal or negative. I'm ready to mail my health forms off and the countdown is on. I've delved into the "New Testament Survey" book and I'm on Chapter 2... I took so many notes my brain got tired... I must say that its interesting reading... just funny things I'm noticing... but good Lord... I have only just begun but it seems that the pages aren't stacking up yet to be dwindling down...

I have a wedding this weekend in Michigan City Indiana which is far from me... but hey... its work... I just spoke to the coordinator a little bit ago... seems real nice. Thankfully the entire event (wedding and Reception) is taking place in 1 venue... Its supposed to be a lovely day tomorrow also... no rain in the forecast... Though I must admit I didn't check for Indiana...

I testified Sunday before last that true healing and thankfullness comes when you can look back at an extremely hard time and thank God for it. For what it taught you, for the people that were instrumental in your growth and knowing that everything you went through led you right to the point you're at right now, today. I was thankful of my relationship with my ex-fiance, my move to Florida and subsequently my move back home. Because all of that that I went through, not that it was all bad because it wasn't. But just the fact that I left... moved me from my job into this job, which taught me and further showed me that what I was doing wasn't enough... it wasn't what He desired for me. That when I moved and left my family and all that I knew... that he He truly means He'll never leave me nor forsake me because that was a truly hard time and I had no one to call my very own with me during that time... God had people right there in place loving me and supporting ME! I can honestly say I thank God for the whole of it. I learned more about me and God... I watched me in that situation... I stayed true to who I was and who I am in God and know that I can stand and I mean truly stand on His very word and KNOW that He is God and that ALL things work together for my good and that I am precious to Him and that I matter. We matter. Praise God... He cares so much for us that even in the trials that we fuss and complain about He is steadily guiding us, leading us and teaching us... and instead of recognizing it as growth and love... we complain. When will we learn to thank him not only IN it but FOR it... because coming THROUGH it is what brings us to who we are today in Him.

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