Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Words can make or break your day, your mood, and even at times direct your life. They are powerful and the size of the word doesn't seem to matter regarding the impact of the word. And though words are powerful, what may be equally as powerful is the intent behind a well placed word. Within the last couple of days I have had the most beautiful words spoken to me... Words that are full of compassion, empathy, and understanding. Words that are uplifting and encouraging. Words that make me stop and take pause... words.

This evening my housemate said to me, in so many words, that a great man will find me and that when he does he'll make up for each year that I have I spent without. Now, I'm paraphrasing but the intent behind his words were simply to encourage me. However, it was packeged so very sweetly. Earlier in the week a person unknown to me uttered something along the same lines. Now the unknown person was compassionately responding to something that I had written for all the world to see... However, the housemate was simply responding to my statement of how long it had been since I was in a serious relationship. The thought behind his words were nice.

As much as I believe I'm content there is a part of me that longs to be in relationship with my own true love. I don't desire to get a man just so that I'll have one. I don't desire to just get married to say that I am. I am not sitting back not living life as if it can only be fully lived after love finds me. I truly love and adore me! I love my life as is, now... so I'm not looking to be fulfilled by any man. God is the only one who can fulfill me. Yet, God knows that He created us to be in relationship with others. So, the words that these two men have spoken to me have touched me and served as an encouragement to me. It reminds me that God hears me and that He'll use those in my environment to speak to me when I'm afraid to speak to Him myself because I may be afriad of what it is that He has to say. God is truly the lover of my soul.


Da Bee's Knees said...

You are blessed to have awesome men in your life.

Love ya!

Da Bee's Knees said...

Okay, Ms. Thang.... You have been "tagged". Go to my blog and read, then follow directions.