Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Pressure Cooker

Well, the pressure is completely on. My final is in the morning and I must say that at this point I'm not prepared but I'm in the process of working on my client report. This report is SUCH a burden on my shoulder. I am probably 1/3 way through it and when I'm done I'm moving on to study for the final tomorrow morning. THEN, I have a meeting with one of our in class supervisors for the assessment class (We really need a lot of help for this class) and then I have the rest of that day to write my psychodynamic paper. When that is finished (due Thursday) I have the rest of that day and up until 4pm the next to finish my family systems paper. *faint* Oops I forgot I have a Integration Paper due also on Friday... *double faint*

On the plus side, I got some very affirming news today. I can't really share it on this public space however, I can say that it came from one of my professors and it affirmed me in the giftings that God has given me and how they are pleased with and for me!

I was also encouraged to apply for a T.A. position next fall as they think that I have great leadership & teaching skills. I'm a bit stunned by all of the good, inspiring feedback. So... I now have a mentor (as of last week) and I'm happy about that and she encouraged me to pursue a doctorate as she believes I’m well prepared and told me that I have their full support in helping me attain that goal if I'm interested (told to me last week). All I could say today however after the impromptu meeting with my prof was "wow." He made me sit in it for 15 minutes LOL! I couldn't leave his office before then.

It is truly amazing how God works things and how he works them out. I simply feel blessed and grateful for all of it... all that I've been through and endured... all that I've learned about me this semester and I know that I'll be a good clinician mainly because God is always leading me and due to the examples of Godly clinicians that he has set in front of me to train me is... well... hmmm... to whom much is given, much is required. Much will be required of me and I believe that I'll be well prepared to rise to the call because right now much is being given to me... nothing materialistic could compare to all that I have received thus far in this MA program. "Trust the process" is more than just a phrase that they use, its an absolute truth that we must live by in this program but the process does work... even when we think that the process is evil.

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