Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Triumphant Tuesday!

Hey readers and passerbyer's is that really a word??? I had a good day today. We have group and lab today and it was my day to be the counselor in lab. Afterwards during the feedback session I was told that I did a good job and even got a high five from the TA regarding my summary. It was really good because I was consciously thinking of all of the "rules" that we've learned thus far and attempting to put them into practice so to do so and be told that it was good felt really good. I'm sure days will come when my feedback will be more critical and that's fine because that's how we learn but in this moment the positive feedback was really wonderful! :)
In group each session was good too. We're leaving the surface stuff and starting to get deep. I like my group we have a good cohesiveness.

That's all I had to report :)

C'ya next time...

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