Saturday, April 01, 2006

Too much...

I felt like posting right now. I have a lot going on... as a photographer as well as a student as well as holding down a fulltime job much can stack up on my plate at one time. This morning I found myself laying in the bed well after I should have been "up and at it"... but I just didn't feel like it... bottom line.

My teacher extended our due date for our paper... I have to get these photo's edited but I ran into a software issue... that's fixed and I'm more than half way through with editing but I still have to create the specials and those are very time consuming. I tried reading earlier but the book couldn't keep my attention though I have a quiz in that class when I get back to school.

I'm tired of my job and am so happy that I'm going to quit soon... but I still can't lose my focus and its real hard to work when your mind is constantly looking to the future. I'm in a constant battle trying to bring my mind in and not be anxious. Its not like what's to come will be easy at all...
Rolling Eyes so... I sit here... needing a break. I've been editing for about 4 hours so I can see why I've "tireded" out LOL! Yep that's a word Wink it's in my personal dictionary.

Hmmm... I felt like writing and now I don't really have much to say LOL! Who knows... maybe I'll be back tonight as it seems I won't be leaving this computer anytime soon... deadline for the pic's has changed to Monday from tomorrow so that's good... but still I have more to do.

Anyway... til later.

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