Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday Monday

What can I say... its Monday and do I really have to tell you just how hard it is to function at work knowing that I'm going to quit yet them not knowing yet... it's like some little secret that I have...
I know something you don't know...
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Anyway... I have fallen behind in my studies and I have to get off of this computer to read in my Social & Abnormal Psych... chances are I won't read in Abnormal because I need to read in Child & Adolescent Psych also and I have class in both of them this week but not in Abnormal because it falls on Good Friday... how GOOD for me!

I've applied for on-campus housing and was told that they don't generally have a lot of grad apartments blah blah blah... so I'm believing God to work it out for me... because I'd much reather pay that than actually rent every month... But I have a little while to wait on that. I've begun studying for the GRE exam... well sort of... more like getting prepared to study... and I've been writing down the vocabulary words on index cards... allow me to say that I have never ever felt as dumb as I did when I looked at that word list.. WHO USES THOSE WORDS!!! Certainly no one I know... So that'll be a challenge because I actually want to do well on the exam... and then the NO calculator thing Faint are they trying to KILL ME!!! Afraid

Well that's all for now... life is pretty uneventful at the moment...

(Ta ta for now for all of you that didn't get that)

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